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SASA Tresses Hair Extensions

Samarica Sallier Mack- Hair Stylists / Colorists / Extensions


Now is the time to get that beautiful irresistible hair you've been waiting for! SASA Tresses Clip In Hair Extensions are a quick and easy alternative to the more permanent extensions while still adding volume and length. They are simple to use which allows you to do it yourself in minutes. Each length of hair comes on a strong and secure silicone grip clip that keeps the hair in place throughout the day without using hairspray or teasing your natural hair! This premium quality 100% Remy human hair allows you to use hot tools and will last up to 12 months with proper care and maintenance. 

SASA Tresses was created by beauty expert Samarica Mack who has been in the beauty industry for over 12 years. SASA Tresses is a virgin human hair company based out of North Dallas. The company provides a variation of hair extensions and wigs to a multicultural clientele. Samarica takes pride in knowing that she has the purest hair, and goes the extra mile to make sure that her clients have the best.

Today's hair extensions are very popular within every race. Many people desire to change their look often to keep up with the newest trendy celebrity hairstyle. Hair extensions are now worn by all ages, races and sexes. It is no longer a secret, but a part of fashion.


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