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Since 2011 I have dedicated my Life and hands to styling, strengthening, and enriching natural hair. I come from a family of health and beauty professionals; that's why I focus not only on the art of styling, but educating people on what it takes to maintain healthy hair. I specialize in bringing out women's natural curls as well as, styling, cutting and coloring.

No matter your background or ethnicity my goal is to accentuate your beauty and enrich your grasp on hair care awareness for all textures. Rezo Cutting certified, my studio "Grand Textures" is located in the Raleigh NC.

I am a stylist, business women, an educator, an artist and I'm sensitive about it.....I am Janay Cobb and this is Grand Textures. 

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North Raleigh, North Carolina

Creedmoor and Millbrook Road | tel: 919-670-2112 |