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Rose Vena brings you a deep passion for hair. Catering to a high-end clientele for over 25 years, her professionalism has grown into avant-garde techniques.  It is no coincidence that her lineage of Italian artisans has cultivated in Rose a deep appreciation for the aesthetics.  With an eye for precision, she applies her natural gift to every unique individual sitting in her chair, for it is her practice to see the beauty in all.
Her methods incorporate techniques known for having for texture taming, a forte for lustrous locks and for sharp angles. She will quickly become part of your self-care repertoire.  She brings to life sophisticated hues of colors with her relentlessness eye for catching that perfect brilliance.  After having invested abundantly in technique classes from all over, Rose has become well known in the field for working with all the names and for meeting the the demand for cutting edge craftsmanship.

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