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You Can Afford Your Own Salon Suite, Here's Why

The excitement of operating your own salon suite can be so exciting it is hard to think of anything else.  The idea of owning a salon, making your own schedule, offering the services you want, selling product you like to use, being the boss, and the best part, keeping the profits are all thoughts swirling around in your head and most likely keeping you awake at night. 

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8 Essential Social Media Tips for Salon Suite Owners

As a Salon Suite owner, it is important to not only focus on the craft you have spent years perfecting, but it is also important to incorporate social media into your business marketing strategy. The numbers are in and social media is a proven way of earning additional income and attracting clientele. Having a strong presence on the internet conveys professionalism and success. If you are looking to launch your business on social media or are looking for ways to improve your current campaigns, look no further, we are providing 8 essential social media tips that will start you in the right direction.

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What the Stimulus Package Means For YOU!

Wow! There is a lot of information out right now about how the stimulus package can help you. In an effort to keep you informed of all resources available to you, A Suite Salon has complied some additional information on the stimulus package set to be passed this week.  
The new relief package, among other benefits, will allow for payments to be made to all taxpayers earning less that $199,000 per year.  Additionally the legislation amends many state unemployment insurance programs to include self employed small business owners, who are typically not eligible.  
It may be to your benefit to apply now with your local State’s Unemployment Agencies.  Most Applications are completed online.  We have listed the appropriate links for your state here: FloridaIllinois FAQIllinois Initial ApplicationNorth Carolina and Texas.
The Small Business Administration has been granted monies to lend or grant at exceptional terms to small businesses affected by COVID 19.  Follow this link to view the SBA Application.  
We would encourage all professionals interested in these programs to submit applications as soon as possible to ensure they are processed when the final legislation is signed into law. 
If you are interested in additional information, this Fortune article offers a good synopsis of benefits for small business owners offered by the new stimulus package. Stimulus Package Benefits for Small Business Owners.
This is an unprecedented time in America and we will get through it if we share information.  If you have questions or suggestions on information we should pass along to the A Suite Salon family, please let us know. 
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7 Tax Deductions Salon Suite Professionals Must Know

If you are like most small business owners, you know there is no shortage of reminders that tax season is just around the corner. While you are crunching numbers, we are here to help you keep as many dollars in your pocket as possible. We have complied a list of some of the most common tax-deductions for Salon Suite Owners.

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Design & Decor Tips for Salon Suite Owners

You are the proud owner of an A Suite Salon studio.  The location is perfect, there are windows everywhere, the finishes and equipment are reminiscent of grand resorts and eateries in New York or LA, and now you have a chance to really let your businesses personality come to life through your own personal design. Over the years, we have compiled some of the best design and décor tips and hints from both our designers and professionals, so we must share.

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