Elegant Design

Modern luxurious design with special attention given to the needs of the stylist and client. Expansive suites, natural light, and thoughtful design will ensure you are comfortable in your new business.

Shampoo Bowls

All Cosmotology suites are equipped with backwash shampoo bowls. Your clients can relax and you can avoid undue stress on your back and shoulders.

Styling Chair

Each suite is equipped with a styling chair, full custom styling station with ample storage, backwash shampoo bowl, comfort mat, dryer & dryer chair. All you need are your tools and talent.

Tool Bin

Tool Bin for storing your dryers, clippers, irons, or any other tools you need for your business. Outlets are provided inside the cabinet keeping your station free of unsightly cords.


Increase your profits by displaying and selling products related to your business.

Peace of Mind

Each suite is private and secure. All major utilities are included, and all common areas are maintained by A Suite Salon. You can now focus on your clients and build your own business. Welcome to the future of the salon.

Vanity Sink

All suites include a vanity sink and pull out bin for soiled linens.

Cabinet Space

Custom styling station with ample cabinetry for storage of all your supplies

Internet Included

All suites have access to free WiFi for both your use and your clients use. Use for your online booking, Email clients, post photos on your own website or social media in real time.

Features & Services

INNOVATIVE. UNCONVENTIONAL. LUXURY. MODERN. NATURAL LIGHT. LARGE SUITES. These are just a few of the distinguishing features of A Suite Salon. A fabulous salon experience requires attention to detail. Our Award-Winning Designers have created a salon which focuses on the details, leaving our highly experienced Suite Professionals to focus on the most important detail, the clients.

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What's included:

  • Lease rates which enable you to keep overhead cost down and add more profit to your business.
  • Luxurious and Modern designed suites
  • Full wall of cabinetry
  • European style back wash bowl
  • Stylist chair & comfort mat, dryer & dryer chair
  • Skin and massage suites equipped with the appropriate tables and chairs.
  • Spacious and comfortable areas for your waiting clients
  • Personalize and decorate your suite to make it your own
  • Assistance with your business set up process & on-going business support
  • Social media start up kit
  • FREE A Suite Salon App that can manage all aspects of your business including: scheduling, marketing, credit card processing, accounting, inventory management and more!
  • A separate break room equipped with refrigerator, microwave, complimentary washer/dryer and laundry sink available for all professionals.
  • Website & front door directory listing for each suite and private intercom system for Professionals
  • All utilities including high speed internet and free WiFi.
  • Common area maintenance provided on a regular basis.
  • 24-hour access and after-hour alarm security system. Set a schedule that works for you!

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Our Locations

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North Carolina


  • We have locations coming!
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  • We have locations coming!
    Stay tuned for more details!


A Suite Salon has taken the Salon industry by storm, adding luxury and modern design to the suite concept.  We offer the benefit of individual or shared suites that include high end finishes and equipment, custom station cabinetry, major utilities, laundry facilities, free business resources, award winning design, and much more.  Now you can have the high end salon at a price comparable to booth rentals at standard salons!

This is your business. You determine the hours, you keep the profits.  A Suite Salon has eliminated the anxiety and high start up cost by providing you a well equipped suite, all major utilities, business set up resources, co-op advertising, free WiFi, laundry facilities, and much more.    Imagine, no sharing of equipment, no more commission sales, work the days and hours that fit your lifestyle, no boss or manager! And remember A Suite Salon lease rates are competitive to booth rentals at standard salons.

 A Suite Salon provides you with virtual back office support.  From accepting credit cards to incorporating your business, to advertising tips, A Suite Salon has a bundle of services available to you free of charge.  In addition we will list your business and contact information on  This will immediately help your clients find you online.  You focus on your clients and we provide you with the resources you need to be successful. 

You set your own schedule.  Your suite is available to you 24-7.  A Suite Salon always provides a secure main entrance and each suite is individually locked allowing you access anytime.  In addition all A Suite Salon locations employ CCTV camera systems and monitored alarm system.  You can feel safe at A Suite Salon day or night.

A Suite Salon believes your suite is an expression of your personality.  Décor such as pictures or mirrors on the walls, seating, or other furnishings is at your discretion, and a quick check with A Suite Salon is recommended..  Larger fixtures, décor, or painting does require the approval of A Suite Salon prior to the work being done.  A Suite Salon will also offer light carpentry services at very affordable rates to help with hanging shelves, pictures, etc.  Just one more item you do not have to worry about.

A Suite Salon tenants tell us that they retained over 80% of their clients from distances as far as 30 miles from the salon.  As part of our business resource package A Suite Salon can provide you with readymade postcards to inform clients of your move.  Additionally A Suite Salon will immediately list your new business on our website, and social media pages.  Your clients will be able to find you by doing a simple web search. 

A Suite Salon is known for our over sized suites.  Many of our singles can easily accommodate two professionals working side by side full time, and our doubles can handle a third professional comfortably.  If sharing is an option for you, A Suite Salon will have a solution that will fit your budget and allow you to obtain your career goals.

A Suite Salon is not successful unless our professionals are successful, and we will provide you all the tools you need to operate a successful business.  The following is an average analysis you can do to determine the benefits of operating you own salon suite.

                  A professional will generally see 30-35 clients per week with an average ticket price of $65.

                  30 Clients X $65 = $1950

                  Don’t Forget Product sales!

                  15 items X $15 = $225

                  Average salon suite lease rate is $275 per week.

                  $1950 + $225 - $275 = $1900 net income per week

                  (This example is based on estimates and does not include expenses for supplies or phone)

If you were working at a 50% commission with 10% share for product sales your net income per week would be $997.50.  Wow, your potential earnings at A Suite Salon is almost DOUBLE!

At A Suite Salon you can offer the services you choose at prices you see fit, unlike many standard salons where professionals are restricted to offering a set menu of services, limiting your earnings. 

You have the potential, let A Suite Salon help you fully achieve that potential.

You are closer than you think to operating your own salon business.  To begin the process you will need to complete our online application.  Completing the application does not require you lease a salon suite but will place you on the priority reservation list and allow you to select the available suite of your choice. CLICK HERE to complete an online application or DOWNLOAD a fill in form. 

Prior to opening your new business A Suite Salon requires you have an approved application, current state issued license, general liability and professional liability coverage, and have submitted the required  security deposit.

A Suite Salon provides business resources and set up assistance including discounts on insurance coverage and lease rate incentives to help you get your business off to a great start.

A Suite Salon is always available to you.  Feel free to visit our Contact Us page and send us a note with your questions, call us at 877-968-8388, or you can even online chat with one of our associates M-F 10-5pm EST.


Lets set up a time to meet and show you how A Suite Salon can fulfill your career dreams!

"My clients love the modern design and privacy of the suites" Dawn, Jupiter FL

"If you are considering A Suite Salon, it's easier than you think!"E.M. & K.R., Boca Raton FL

"I can focus on my clients... A Suite Salon is absolutely great!"Dawn, Jupiter FL

"I have been here since A Suite Salon opened and after 5 years I could not be happier"Lauri, Stuart FL

"A Suite Salon makes it easy for clients to find a salon professional, and to avoid the trial and error commonly associated with the search for a great stylist."floridastatehomes.comRead Article >

"Thank you to my wonderful clients for following me through this journey..."Mona, Plano TXWatch Video >

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