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You Can Afford Your Own Salon Suite, Here's Why

The excitement of operating your own salon suite can be so exciting it is hard to think of anything else.  The idea of owning a salon, making your own schedule, offering the services you want, selling product you like to use, being the boss, and the best part, keeping the profits are all thoughts swirling around in your head and most likely keeping you awake at night. 

This is when you know there is virtually no reason why you should not do this immediately.

It never hurts to do a check and ensure you are financially ready to crush this move and start a business that will be everything you are dreaming it could be.

A quick calculation of your weekly revenue will help you determine what type of suite will be perfect for your new business.  Let’s take a quick inventory of an average week.  For example, if you generate $2,000 per week and are 50% commission that means you take home about $1,000 less any back bar or other expenses that are typically charged to you.  Now in a suite if you generate the same $2,000 per week and lease a suite that is $300 per week and you have $250 in supplies per week, you are taking home about $1,450.  That is a $450 raise per week!!!

Now if the money works but you have never operated your own business before, not to worry, this is where we help.  A Suite Salon will walk you thru every aspect of setting up your business and ensuring long success.  Rather than trying to research all the items you will need to get started, A Suite Salon will present you with all the resources you will need so you can keep your mind on the excitement of your new suite. 

And to add yet another tool that will help lead your business to success, A Suite Salon has come up with a powerful FREE app for our salon professionals. 

The A Suite Salon app can help you with every aspect of your business, including scheduling & appointment stacking, accounting, marketing, client messaging, advertising and social media, credit card processing, inventory management and more.  And all of this is free to you for being part of A Suite Salon. Imagine, filling an open appointment in your schedule by sending a message out to all clients due for an appointment.  Rather than having to call clients one at a time or going to a separate email system, you can fill the spot, charge their card, and review your revenue reports all from one app and all on your smartphone or tablet.

Now if you can contain your excitement, contact A Suite Salon and find a suite that is perfect for your business, your clients, and you. 

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