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Text Marketing Can Boost Clients and Sales for Your Salon Suite

You likely send and receive text messages all day long to communicate with family and friends, but texting can be a powerful tool for business communication as well. When you’re thinking about marketing your salon suite business, one of the easiest AND most effective ways to directly reach established and prospective clients is through text message. 

Here’s why:

It’s fast. 90% of texts are read within 3 minutes. In contrast, only 10-30% of marketing emails are EVER read.

It’s hard to ignore. Text messages have the advantage on app notifications and on average, we check our phones 47 times a day. Your typical customer also receives way fewer text messages to sift through than emails or social media ads.

It’s direct. When you get a text message, there’s an explicit or implicit instinct that a response is required.

It’s personal. You have the phone numbers of people you have a relationship with; people you talk to; people you can text.

The first step to intentionally using strategic text messaging for your business is to make sure you have the phone numbers of all your clients. You can collect them as a required field through the online appointment setting option on the A Suite Salon App, ask for them on an information card for a new client’s first visit or ask existing customers to help you update your address book with their current numbers. Here are four ways to use text message to market your salon business:

1. Appointment Reminders: Remind customers the day before an appointment of the time and place of their scheduled visit to reduce no shows. These text reminders can happen automatically if you use the scheduling feature on the A Suite Salon App.

2. Appointment Prompts: Also schedule out texts that prompt repeat clients to schedule. For clients that get color every 4-6 weeks or an eyebrow wax every month, set up texts to distribute to those customers 2 weeks prior to prompt them to get on your schedule with a link to your A Suite Salon App.

3. Special Offers: Create a customer group with all client numbers to distribute special offers that apply to everyone. When you have a BOGO retail promotion or a discount on summer highlights, let everyone know via text message. Don’t use and abuse this one or it will feel like spam to your clients, but strategic use every once in a while is effective. Perhaps you create groups based on past client retail purchases or services so you only text them a special offer when you know they’ll be interested. If you make it personal, it will feel natural to your clients.

4. Birthday/Anniversary Wishes: Collect dates that are important in your clients’ personal lives and send them a wish with a special offer. In the personal care and beauty industry, birthday freebies and exclusives are very popular and effective and a text message will make yours stand out on the special day.

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