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Suite Trends for Prom Time

Prom is one of the most thrilling times in one’s life, and a big part of the excitement is going to the salon for a dramatic new hairstyle. This year's suite prom trends combine elegance and romance with contemporary flair. From long hair to bobs to shorter styles, romantic waves are dominating the prom scene. Let's take a look at a few of the stunning styles that are super hot this year:

Simple and sweet. Long, gentle waves with soft tousles give your hair a look of silky elegance.

Braided band. An ear-to-ear French braid creating a headband over the top of the head can be worn as-is or with a bit of sparkle woven into it. Let shoulder-length or longer locks cascade down with curls or barely-there waves.

Relaxed updo. Does your prom dress have a striking neckline? Are you wearing gorgeous earrings and/or an exquisite necklace? Show them off with a "messy updo", a slightly disheveled upsweep or top knot.

Chic chignon. Soft and volumizing, the low chignon gives a sophisticated lift to straight hair. Complete the look with gently curling, loose tendrils around the face for an even more romantic feel.

It is also trending to add even more glam with sparkling hair accessories that are all the rage making any hairstyle an eye-catcher.

Start your unforgettable prom experience with a dazzling new hairstyle at A Suite Salon; contact us  and we will put you in touch with one of our talented professionals!

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