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Suite Spring Pedicure Trends

Fun, creative, and colorful, we have listed some suite spring pedicure trends you are are going to want to try. From soft pastels to pretty patterns, to a bit of bling, there is something for everyone. As open-toed shoes and sandals are starting to coming out of the closet, a seasonal spring pedicures give your footwear and outfit a finished appearance, so let's take a glimpse at some of the fabulous trends for 2016.

Sandicure is a true toes-in-the-sand summer look that's being worn even before the season starts. This brand new pedicure style lets you take the beach with you: a summer shade like red, coral, or blue is sprinkled while wet with actual fine-grain sand, and then covered with a clear coat. Talk about a suite spring bling!!

Baby blue is one of the top pastels this spring, a reflection of robin's eggs and pale morning skies. Wear it to complement your shoes or outfit or just because you love it.

Bold, bright colors definitely add zing and pop to your pedicure, so look for neon pinks, greens, blues and yellows to make your statement and strut the look like you are on the red carpet.

Pastel passion enhanced with beads, rhinestones, or metallic stripes define spring with a bit of feminine pizzazz. Add a green-on-green lattice pattern on an accent nail to evoke a cool garden feeling.

Floral nail art from seafoam with delicate white flowers to black backgrounds with neon '60s-inspired blooms, this will transform your overall look into a spring welcome.

Animal patterns such as white with black zebra stripes topped by pink French tips are big for spring, while multi-colored geometrics are the perfect way to spice up a solid-colored ensemble.


There's no limit to the number of sophisticated, sparkly or whimsical colors, patterns and combinations you can wear. Contact us and we will put you in touch with one of our amazing professionals to get a suite spring pedicure!

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