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Social Media Ads: 10 Dos and Don'ts for Salon Suite Owners

Advertising your Salon Suite business on social media can pay off big time when your ads attract new clients or encourage current clients to come in again and again for services. So how do you make sure your ads are a success? Here are the top 10 dos and don’ts for advertising on Facebook and Instagram.

1. Do think about what benefit you provide to your clients. Social media is a cluttered space, with lots of businesses vying for the attention of your ad audience. Remember that people buy services for the way it makes them feel or for the benefit it brings to their lives. Think about what you uniquely provide to your customers. Do you save them time? Do you make their lives easier? Do you make them feel beautiful? Save them money? Your advertising will always work harder for you when it tells the audience what’s in it for them.

2. Do make sure your website or booking app offers an excellent experience for mobile users. Test your links and see how easy (or hard) it is to book an appointment with you on mobile. Most social users are on a mobile device and if it’s hard for them to click from your ad to book an appointment on their phones, then you’re wasting money on your ads.

3. Do invest time and money in photography. Just like good lighting is essential for great hair and make-up, high quality images are a must for social media ads. Try Portrait Mode on your iPhone, use a professional photo editing app or barter with a photographer for exchange of services.

4. Do remember that it takes time. It takes time to learn and be successful with social advertising. The social platforms change all the time and so do consumer trends. Think of marketing your business as something that is a long-term learning adventure. It will have to grow and change on a regular basis.

5. Do try different things. Test different formats, budgets, copy and images to find what works best. Because you’re likely targeting a small local area for ads, your audience will see the same ads again and again if you don’t change it up. Give your ads a seasonal twist as well for the most relevance.

6. Don’t neglect the rest of your social media presence. Ads bring attention to you and your profile. Make sure your personal pages are appropriate (or private). Have your business profile fully completed and ready to make a great first impression. Your page should be active and your posts at their best while running ad campaigns.

7. Don’t be unresponsive. Often, people will see your ads and respond to you or ask questions via direct message or a post to your page. Make sure you’re checking these and responding quickly and appropriately. A lead is a lead no matter how it comes in and you don’t want to miss it.

8. Don’t skip audience targeting. Audience targeting is one of the most important things you can do for successful ads that lead to clients. Think about your top 10 current clients. Who are they? How old? Male or female? Where do they live? Work? Do they have kids? What other local businesses do they probably like? Where do they shop? Create profiles of people that match your best clients and target ads to them.

9. Don’t forget about current clients. Ads can bring in new clients, but they are also a great idea for retaining current clients. In marketing, getting a current customer to spend more – one more visit, one more purchase, one more dollar – is much easier and cheaper than getting a new client. What can you advertise to new clients to get them to come in one more time than they usually do or add an additional service or product?

10. Don’t forget to set a lifetime budget maximum or an end date. When you’re loading your ads, be sure to do a start and end date or a daily budget with a maximum amount. Even if you’re only spending a few dollars a day on your ads, it will add up if you forget about it and leave it running.

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