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How to Create Social Media Ads that Draw Clients to Your Salon Suite


In our last post, we guided you through the initial steps to get started with social media advertising for your suite salon business. Next up, we’ll discuss how to create copy + images for an ad that gets the attention of your clients and drives them to book a service or purchase a retail product.

Ad Formats

There are several formats available, but for Suite owners who are beginners to Facebook and Instagram advertising, the most likely ad formats you’ll use are image, video, carousel, slideshow and offers. Let’s break each one of these down:

Image: High quality, colorful images are a good way to draw the eye in to your ad copy. Many advertisers overlay text on top of beautiful images or combine graphics and copy with an image. This is a great idea but Facebook does have a preferred text to image ratio and images with too much text or a font size that is too large will not be approved by Facebook. Here’s a good tool to test if your image has too much text before creating your ad. See an example and get the image ad specs here.

Video: Video is the most preferred and consumed content on social at the moment. Between sound, motion and the auto-play feature in the social media newsfeeds, it’s a good way to grab attention. See an example and get the specs for video ads here.

Carousel: Carousel is a scrolling collection of up to 10 images or videos within a single ad, each with its own caption or link. The Facebook algorithm ultimately shows the highest performing image first to users (meaning whichever image people click on the most becomes the first image in your carousel over time). See an example and get the specs for carousel ads here.

Slideshow: Slideshow takes your images and makes them look like a video with motion, sound and text to tell your story on any connection speed. It’s the pros of video without the time or expense because Facebook does the work for you. See an example here.

Offers: Offers are discounts for your services or retail products. You create an offer and it appears as an image, video or carousel ad on Facebook and customers can claim the offer to use at your salon. People who claim in-store offers receive a barcode or QR code that can be pulled up on their mobile phone at checkout. For instance, you might use offer for BOGO on hair care products or 20% off a summer highlight for new customers, etc. Find more detail on using offer ads here.

Once you’ve selected the format that feels right to you, it’s time to work on the visuals and copy.


Whether you’re creating an image or a video, the keys to success are colorful, beautiful, high resolution images. Try to avoid stock photography if you can. Avoid clip art, pixelated or blurry images and images with bad lighting.

You can certainly capture images on your own with a smartphone. Try an app that helps give photos a more professional look like VSCO and Mextures. Or barter with a photographer for a one time shoot that creates photos you can use to market your business all year long.

If you’re skilled at pro software like Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator or Final Cut Pro, by all means, put your skills to use creating great advertising. No worries if you aren’t – you can still create ads that sell with inexpensive, user-friendly tools available to everyone with a computer or a smartphone. We recommend apps like Ripl or Videoshop for inexpensive video or a Canva subscription to add images, colors and graphics to your photos.

Some great places to start with visuals for ads are happy client selfies (ask clients for permission to use them in your ads!), before and after photos, photos of your work, photos of retail shelves or products, photos of you at work and photos of your Suite.


What you write on your Facebook ads is almost as important as the visuals. There are several spaces to add copy in most ad formats. Typically, there will be a copy box that appears above the visual, a small caption line below the image(s) and a call to action button.

In general, you should tie your text to your visual and speak directly to your audience. Create a sense of urgency. To do this, use words like now, today, limited time or by a certain date. You could also do this by saying you have one Saturday appointment open before the holidays, etc.

Think about seasonality and trends. Social media is a very trendy place. Next time you scroll through you’ll notice that many, many pages share either the same content or content with similar themes. Take advantage of this and if you’re noticing lots of posts on summer hair – post an offer for Hair SPF or a conditioning treatment. If a certain hair color or service is trending, create an ad featuring that service at your Suite.

Keep copy short and to the point and give potential customers one thing to do next with a single call to action. There are options you can choose for the clickable call to action button. We recommend using “Sign Up” or “Claim Offer” if you’re doing an Offer Ad. The link you use for the button should be a place for users to book online. Extra clicks lose customers so don’t take them to a home page or a step before they can book a service.

Overall, it’s best to create a few different ads at once to try out a variety of formats, copy and visuals to see what performs best with your audiences.

Once you have your first ads up and running, your next job is to respond and engage with your ads, understand and monitor the metrics Ads Manager reports and learn which ads worked and which ones didn’t.

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