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Often times we are asked what feature we are most proud of at A Suite Salon. Being in the suite business since 2007 our answer has always been the same… we are most proud of our talented Professionals who followed their dream and became an entrepreneur. Let us introduce you to one of our professionals.

It was only a few short months ago Kevie only took home half of what she earned. Now in her own suite and owner of Eye Candy Lash Bar, she takes home 100% of her profit. One of our favorite quotes by Kevie shortly after she started at A Suite Salon was, “I earned more in one week than I made in one month at my previous salon.”  We love to see Kevie in action and love to watch her clients leave her studio with a new glow about them! We are so proud of Kevie for making the move to A Suite Salon and becoming a true entrepreneur. As we say, the only way to fly is to first make the leap.

Why did you choose your profession & what is your specialty? I have always had a passion for skincare so after majoring in studio art, I got my esthetics license. After working in day spas for years, I developed a passion for eyelash extensions. I use my artistic skill set to create gorgeous lash extensions on each client. 

How long have you been in the spa/beauty industry? I have been a licensed esthetician for 6 years and I have been certified in eyelash extensions for 4 years now. 

How long have you owned your own business and what brought you to A Suite Salon? I just recently opened up my small business in March. I have always wanted to have my own business and A Suite Salon had a lot of perks! It's a gorgeous building and the location is convenient for everyone. It's your one stop beauty shop!


How did you come up with your business name?  I have always been a candy fanatic. I wanted my business name to be catchy and I really liked the play on words with "Eye Candy Lash Bar". Lash extensions are definitely eye candy and you will find jars of different candy in my suite :) 

Tell us about one memorable client experience.  I recently had a client who was a new mother. Her eyes were droopy and she wanted a quick routine in the morning since she had a new baby to care for. She didn't have time to do full face makeup and even mascara and eyeliner seemed to be a chore. She came in for a full set of extensions and her jaw dropped when she saw herself. She couldn't believe the transformation. Her eyes appeared more lifted and open and you could see the confidence in her new look. Needless to say, she is already addicted and comes every 2 weeks to maintain the fullness of her extensions. 

How do you make each client experience unique? Every client has a unique eye shape. I customize the length of their lash extensions to accentuate their eyes. Being an art major, I have a great eye for detail. Lash extensions really help to open up your eyes and make them pop. 

What makes you the happiest?  Seeing the client’s reaction after they first get extensions! They always leave my suite with a smile on their face and a boost of confidence. 


What are your favorite hobbies? I enjoy painting, traveling to different countries, and spending time with my adorable 2 year old son. 

Kevie with Eye Candy Lash Bar, Studio 113, can be reached at: 919-539-3564

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