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Often times we are asked what feature we are most proud of at A Suite Salon. Being in the suite business since 2007 our answer has always been the same… we are most proud of our talented Professionals who followed their dream and became an entrepreneur. Let us introduce you to one of our professionals.

When you walk into A Suite Salon Raleigh it is hard to miss the very talented Ashley DeVaughn. We are in pure awe as we watch client after client walk out of Ashley’s studio, ASHLEY GREY SALON, looking exceptional. Ashley has built her business upon her promise that each of her clients will leave looking and feeling gorgeous! Words we hear time after time describing Ashley’s services…she is phenomenal.

Why did you choose your profession & what is your specialty? It is a creative passion I have and love what I do. Specialties are Advanced hair color, certified in several top of the line extensions, custom cuts, keratin smoothing treatments and airbrush Makeup.

How long have you owned your own business and what brought you to A Suite Salon? I have been in the industry for over 8-years and owned ASHLEY GREY SALON for 3-years. I was attracted to A Suite Salon because of the upscale atmosphere and the floor-plan provides a comfortable and luxurious experience. I also love the fact the majority of suites have a window to the outdoors so we can have natural lighting.

How did you come up with your business name? It’s about a family name upon my Aunts wishes who never had children of her own. It was my past Grandmother’s middle name and my cousins little boy’s name. I think it has a classy ring to it J

Tell us about one memorable client experience. When Elizabeth Edwards had passed I was honored to do the hair and makeup for several news channels including Good Moring America. It was an interview of her closest friends telling stories and memories about her life.

How do you make each client experience unique? Each client’s experience is totally different from another’s. I always try to make clients feel like they are the queen or king that they are. I love all of my clients. It’s the personal relationship we have together as hairdresser, friend or therapist (lol). Just kidding, but really, I love just letting people vent or tell me exciting news. It brings so much joy to my life. When my client sits in my chair this is THEIR time to be pampered, listened to, or they can just relax with their favorite magazine, book or catch up on some work.

What makes you the happiest? My future husband and family and my fur baby Riley, and most importantly, my relationship with My Savior Jesus Christ. I’ve been through bad, dirty trenches and He has picked me up and carried me when I refused to walk out of them, and He has lead me and directed me without me even knowing it to where I am in now in my career. I owe it all to HIM. Work Related: I’m the happiest when I can make someone’s day happier and better by conversation but most importantly being able to give them exactly what they wanted or dreamed of having for their hair, especially when they thought it would not be possible.

What are your favorite hobbies? Horseback riding, painting, yoga (sometimes) making jewelry, gardening, home decorating and remodeling, BEACH AND SKIING!! Spending time with my best friend and future husband. 

Ashley with ASHLEY GREY SALON, Studio 103, can be reached at: 919-752-4041

Visit Ashley at on the web at ASHLEY GREY SALON  or on Facebook at Facebook.AshleyGreySalon and see her amazing work on Instagram at Instagra.AshleyGreySalon

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