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Be Your Own Boss: Suite Owners Reveal What It Is Like To Be The Boss

When we ask current professionals how being their own Boss has changed their careers, almost every answer carries themes of freedom, making more money, being happy, and spending more time with family.

We also find being your own boss requires hard work and dedication. A Suite Salon makes a point to encourage those considering a suite to speak with current professionals, and gather insight and inspiration from their experience. We have compiled several experiences from A Suite Salon professionals to get you started on your own path to being the Boss. Being your own Boss is possible and A Suite Salon makes it easy for you to achieve your dream.

"I love being my own boss because I control how successful I am, based on how much effort I put in is how much I get out of it. I am always striving to be a better version of myself, and with being my own boss I can have the freedom to do just that." Natasha Castillo, Owner since 2016

"People say that you can’t do it all! But you can! Because I make my own schedule I am home with my children and running my own business!" Annelise, Owner since 2017

"I love that I make my own hours and I have control over my schedule and how things are booked. I'm not sitting around if I have openings throughout my day. That's a waste of time. When I'm at work I want to be working. I love having control of what product lines I want to carry." Nicole, Owner since 2015

"Being your own boss is a lot of work as you wear all the hats. However, being the boss means you can create exactly what you want in your business." Chiquita, Owner since 2016

"I have the freedom to run my business the way I want. I can be as generous as I feel to my clients and they show me appreciation." Dawn, Owner since 2011    

"It's rewarding knowing that you are capable of being your own boss!" Shari, Owner since 2010

"Being the boss allows you to find your true voice and watching your business grow gives you the courage to listen to it." Katt, Owner since 2013

"It's wonderful! You can choose your own hours and you don't have to give half of your earnings to someone else." Colleen, Owner since 2012

"I can be the best I can be......without limits!" Lisa, Owner since 2015

"Rewarding." Heidi, Owner since 2011

"It's the hardest job I have ever had but so worth it! The times that are tough help push me to be stronger." Ninette, Owner since 2015


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