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9 Tips for Salon Suite Owners To Keep Clients In The Chair

As salon suite owners, we often know what our clients like and why they continue to make appointment after appointment. You have been in the industry for years and are very good at what you do. However, unless you are booked solid for months in advance, it might be worth taking a quick refresher and hear from clients on reasons why they stay loyal and book that next appointment. 

1. Provides life changing advice. My massage therapist gave me some recommendations on how to alleviate my back pain and decrease migraines, it was life changing.

2. Gives Product recommendations & the how-tos at home. My stylist understands that good hair is important to me, but I don’t want to spend a ton of time on it.  To that end, she’s always keeping her eyes open for things that make styling my hair at home simpler.  Whether that is a styling product; shampoo/conditioner; or even hardware (curling iron, Velcro rollers, etc) she will tell me AND show me how to use everything at home. I never leave the chair before she has me style my hair in front of her and tells me if I am spot on or what I need to change. I love going to my beauty professionals and getting advice and/or recommendations from them. They are the experts and I love to learn from them!

3. Follows up on the services provided. When I buy a new product from my stylist they will text me a couple days after my service to see how the products are working out, I know he really cares about me, how I look and believes in the product he is selling. If I did not like the product I know he would take it back, suggest something different or refund my money.

4. Reaches out to me when it is time for my appointment. I travel frequently for my work and often it is at the last minute, so it is hard for me to book my appointment months in advance. I love that my esthetician knows I have a crazy schedule and she will text me when it is time to come in. It is a great reminder to take care of me.

5. Goes above and beyond with services. I look forward to the head & neck massage I receive when my hair is being washed. Of course, it is never long enough, but I love when my stylist goes out of the way and adds on several extra minutes. Also, the little magic brick in the bowl that supports my head, now that is a game changer.

6. Magazines, wine, coffee & tea. Going to get my hair styled allows me to feed my guilty pleasure.  My stylist has all the current magazines and something tasty to drink on hand. This is all part of the salon experience, and I LOVE IT!  

7. Sends me love notes. I have been going to my stylist for years, he never ceases to amaze me by sending me a little note after my service about something we chatted about or just a thank you for visiting. Each year I look forward to receiving my discount note for birthday services as this is my guide to pamper myself.

8. Understands my lifestyle. My skin and hair are getting older and the needs / product needs are changing.  My stylist knows I could never color my hair dark because I don’t like to wear makeup. My esthetician keeps current with what’s going on.  She will ask me what the dermatologist says and how much time I’m in bad skin environments (airplanes, change in destinations and therefore climates, how much time in sun, wearing hats, etc) so she knows exactly what to do/recommend based on how I live.

9. Stays on top of trends. I love that my stylist always knows what is hip and trending in the hair world. I don't have time to keep up on trends and when I go to my stylist, the first questions she asks is, "what are we doing today"? It is great to have a stylist who not only throws out thoughts on current styles but is usually ahead of the curve on what is trending.

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