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9 Design & Decor Tips For Salon Suite Owners

You are the proud owner of an A Suite Salon studio.  The location is perfect, there are windows everywhere, the finishes and equipment are reminiscent of grand resorts and eateries in New York or LA, and now you have a chance to really let your businesses personality come to life through your own personal design. Over the years, we have compiled some of the best design and décor tips and hints from both our designers and professionals, so we must share.

1. Mirror, mirror on the wall: Mirrors are one of our favorite décor items for several reasons. Not only do mirrors have creative and edgy boarders which can accentuate you and your salons personality, but when utilized as a focal point, mirrors can open up your suite, making it appear larger in size. Take advantage of the natural light in your suite; by reflecting both artificial and natural light, your suite will appear larger and brighter.

2. Elevate your furniture: Raised furniture or furniture on legs allows light to circulate freely underneath, creating the feeling of space around the piece. On a practical note, furniture that is lightweight and open underneath will make the day to day cleaning of your suite much easier.  If you opt to purchase additional seating for the suite, be sure to sit in the chairs before you purchase; if you find the seating comfortable so will your clients.  If you can resist the urge of purchasing expensive items, you will be able to change things around in a shorter amount of time, keeping the suite looking fresh.

3. Less is more: Keeping your suite clean and clutter free is key and clients will not feel closed in or cramped. The fewer items you have on your countertop the better. This will open space up for your work materials as well as allow you to display those key products that provide you with the best margin. Shelves and displays look best when they are well organized and uncluttered (Think Apple Store).  While you may have several containers of a product, only display one or two and have the others stored away.

4. Use shelves: To continue the thought from number 3, be sure the shelves are consistent with the overall look and style you are trying to achieve.  Bulky, dark shelves may not mesh well with a minimalist look.  A good tip is to visit retail shops you like.  What makes those stores attractive to you?  Retail display is a science so use the experience of seasoned retailers to pick up ideas.

5. Give your suite a personality: Your suite is the heart of your brand, make sure your décor reflects the image you want to portray. Incorporate décor items that are important to you and have a story to tell. This makes for great client discussion time and tells the story of you. If you are looking to add a little inexpensive pizzazz to your suite, add a pillow or throw to any furniture you have. Bonus: changing pillows or throws based on the season can keep your suite fresh.

6. Three is good company: Items are most eye-pleasing when they are grouped together in three’s. Whether it is creating an arrangement on the wall or placing items together on shelves or counters, an odd number looks best. 

7. Paint, paint, paint: A Suite Salon takes great pride and effort in our color pallets.  Each suite is move in ready and that includes paint color.  Paint colors are designed to be pleasing to the eye, consistent with the design of the overall salon, and neutral in tone to make your work easier.  If you should wish to change the color of your suite, talk with A Suite Salon’s design team for hints on what will work best for you and your business.  It is amazing how a fresh coat of paint can really freshen up a space.

8. Chandelier bling/task lighting: Adding a chandelier to your suite as a great way to add bling and make a big statement in your suite. All A Suite Salon spaces are ready made for additional lighting.  Chandeliers not only make a great statement but they really make your suite stand out. With the continuing advancement in LED lighting you can not only have a fixture that really pops in the suite but it can serve as source of white light, perfect for hair color, matching extensions etc. 

9. Large Artwork: The neutral canvas of your suite is the perfect backdrop for adding a large piece of artwork that is very eye-catching. Consider pairing the artwork with a colorful piece of furniture to create a gorgeous focal point in your suite. The key is choosing a few statement pieces that will really draw the eye.

There is no doubt that moving into your own suite is exciting, and the thought of decorating to your suite adds yet another element to this landmark moment.  As with every part of your experience, A Suite Salon wants to make this easy for you.  We encourage you to speak with A Suite Salon’s designers for ideas and suggestions; they are here to help you.  In the end make it fun!  Now, let’s show your suite off to the world! 

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