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6 Ways to Build Your Salon Clientele Fast

Starting any new business is a challenging process, and it’s no different for salon suite professionals. Among so many things you need to do, attracting the right clientele and keeping them happy and coming back for more is crucial for the future of your business. This is why you need to be especially careful when it comes to marketing, as your salon needs a strong start to be able to grow and prosper.

Here is what you have to do if you want to build your salon clientele quickly and successfully.

1. Distinguish your ideal target audience. There is a good reason why this sentence is often the first piece of advice to read when it comes to marketing. This is the step that’s crucial for every business, yet many self-starters so often disregard to take it seriously. Don’t make this mistake yourself. Defining and targeting your ideal customers is going to take some time, but it will all pay off in the long run.

Are you interested in a male or female clientele? Which age spans are you targeting? What would their income be and, accordingly, which jobs do these people usually have? What are the popular hairstyles your target audience cares about this season? Make sure to answer all these questions and create a typical target persona before you move any further.

2. Take your salons' Instagram account seriously. Although your salon’s social media presence is a must in general, the most important account you must never neglect is the one your business has on Instagram. This should come as no surprise, considering that a social platform designed to showcase, share, and celebrate photo content is perfect for any type of business-related to visual expression (and your salon fits into that category like a glove).

Instagram’s most popular type of content for hair and other beauty salons is, by far, the before-after photo showcase. Not only does it show your craftsmanship, but it also gives potential customers an idea of what kind of wonders you can do (and which hairstyle mistakes you can fix).

3. Pay close attention to the written content. These days, content is king. Although you’d expect your salon business’ content needs to be mostly visual in nature, don’t make a mistake and forget that words sell as much as images do.

From the text on your website and content on your blog to copy for your social media accounts, your brand voice must be clear, engaging, and most of all, consistent. Learning to become a skilled business storyteller can be a bit tricky, but with the help of experts such as professional writing services, expert writers, easy-essay.org, and assignment writing this task will look a lot more approachable.

Should you need any help with editing the content you’ve already prepared, you can also consider the professional editing services of rush essay and Speedypaper.

4. Attract new clientele with special first-time offers. Once your potential clients are hooked with your amazing storytelling and visual content the hope is that they will come running into your salon.  The overall goal is not to get clicks or ‘Likes”, but to get customers in the door so provide them with an offer they can’t refuse.

Create a feeling of urgency and increase the number of first-time customers by designing special offers just for them. Once you attract them to step through the door, dazzle them with your staff’s friendly approach, professionalism, and services offered.

5. Inspire word-of-mouth recommendations. Most of your marketing efforts can (and should) take place online, but don’t forget that good old word-of-mouth recommendations still bring a lot of value to every business. A few very happy customers can quickly build up to become a large network of interested leads, and this is still one of the main “tricks” businesses use to build and expand their customer bases.

How can you make sure your customers will recommend your salon rather than the competition? Treat them like they are honored guests, build rapport with them when they visit, and, of course, provide the first-class service every time.

6. Build rapport with your current customers. New customers are always a cause for celebration, but be careful not to neglect your loyal clients in the process. They are a solid base you can build your salon’s success on, so make them feel special and appreciated at all times.

Stay dedicated, friendly, and professional with every customer, whether they are in your salon for the first time or they are regulars. Learn their names and hairstyle, advise them on how to style and maintain their hair, and help them feel at home whenever they visit. Remember, a happy regular customer is one of the best salespeople for your new business.

Instead of a conclusion. Although starting from scratch when establishing your salon for the first time often feels overwhelming, you are sure to make it a success if you follow these actionable pieces of advice. Cherish new customers and regular customers equally, and they will surely return in greater numbers. Stay persistent, patient, and professional, and your salon will definitely be a success.

Authored by Kurt Walker

Kurt Walker is a digital marketer at AustralianWritings and a part-time content creator at the best essay help services like MyAssignmentWriting and My Assignment Help. As a genuine essay-writing service professional, Kurt writes amazing papers on a wide range of topics, from marketing to personal development. He is a father of three kids and a passionate basketball fan.

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