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6 Creative Marketing Ideas for Salon Suite Owners

These days all the talk is about advertising online or through social media.  And while it is true those are very powerful tools, there are other ways to get your name and your service offerings out to potential clients. Discovering these ways will take some creativity and a bit of time, but then again anything good for your business usually does.  To get your wheels turning, we have listed a few ‘outside the box’ ideas to get you started:

1. Put a ring on it: Do you know the best wedding planners in your area?  These are exceptional contacts to help generate bridal package sales, which can ultimately lead to future clientele. How many times have you been at a wedding and heard, “I love your hair or your hair looks amazing.” This becomes some of the most powerful marketing as it is free and by word of mouth. It is a good strategy to get your name, list of services, videos and photos of your work in front of wedding planners. Offer wedding planners a small, one time, discount to come and experience your services so they are confident in what they are recommending to their clients. Creating relationships with wedding planners is something to work toward as it is additional exposure for your business with limited or no financial investment.

2. Host a pamper party in your salon suite: Think of your clients who are celebrating life milestones. Clients who have just got engaged, who are getting married, having a baby or celebrating a life accomplishment. Talk to your clients and offer to host a small intimate party for them and their friends who could potentially become clients. Treat party-goers to a simple service of yours such as, adding in Bling Strands to each persons hair, give each person a blow-out or a simple up-do, offer a hair repair treatment, an eye brow wax or any other express service off your service list. This will allow potential clients to see your work and get to know you better, hopefully turning party-goers into future clients. Bonus: Partner with another salon suite owner to offer a non-competing services to party-goers. 

3. Be an expert: Make connections with local print media outlets and offer to author an article or segment relating to your area of expertise. Seek out high profile or well-trafficked websites in the health and beauty industry and offer to write them a blog. A winning combination is making someone else’s job easier and simultaneously promoting your business.

4. Post educational & tutorial video’s: This is self-explanatory, but the execution is important.  Use this as an opportunity to show your area of expertise, and give pointers that your clients can really use and appreciate. Take time to set up the production and find a quiet place to film.  Smart phones have great video cameras and even allow you to edit these videos.  A stand or tripod is helpful and will eliminate the need for another person to film.  Keep any video short and to the point.  Remember if you enjoy watching it, others will as well.  Love the camera.  If you do not like seeing your face on camera, zoom the frame closer to your hands or what you are focusing the video on.  Use videos to your advantage, distribute to clients, post them on your social media channels and website; incentivize clients to share the videos with their friends and family. 

5. Love your neighbor & get to know surrounding businesses: You know what they say…convenience is king. What could be better for potential clients than a one-stop location for their shopping and health & beauty needs? A Suite Salon has you covered as our locations are in very active, plazas with various retail outlets. Capitalize on building your client list with customers who already visit the plaza and patronize the surrounding businesses. Get to know the other business owners & managers, ask to leave cards or brochures for your services and offer referral rewards to the other business owners for sending in new clients.  With a manager’s permission, offer servers in local restaurants discounts on services so they can become living advertisements of your work.  Their customers will notice.    

6. Engage with your local community: Small business owners are an integral part of the communities in which they live and work.  There are countless opportunities to donate your time, talents or hard goods that will make a world of difference to others including Warriors in Recovery and Wigs for Kids. Local shelters are also always in need of toiletries and welcome any excess inventory or unused samples from you or your distributors. You can also run a drive and have clients donate toiletries or supplies for shelters, military families, or any number of local causes.  Make the donation worth your client’s effort, ex. 15% off their product purchase if they donate items.  When you engage with your community you are not only marketing your business, but you are showing you genuinely care for the well-being of others.

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