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5 Ways to Get Repeat Clients

As a business owner, you probably spend a lot of time thinking about how to get new customers in the door. But once you get a client in your chair, do you work as hard to keep them coming back again and again? Much of your potential business profits depend on repeat customers. Unfortunately, the average salon business never sees half of their new clients again. 

Do you know how to keep clients coming back again and again? Here are five ways to increase customer retention:

1.      Follow-up. Don’t assume that if a customer likes their hair or nails, that they’ll naturally return month after month to see you. There are many stylists out there so it’s important to build a relationship with a new customer right from the start. A good way to do this is to follow-up. After a client’s first visit, send a text or email in 1-2 days asking how they like their results. Show them that you care and offer a useful tip that puts the customer first – like how to preserve their color or keep their manicure chip-free.

2.      Offer a promotion. Promotions aren’t just for new customers. Show repeat customers you value them too with exclusive promotions. For example, “It was great to see you! Come back and see me next month for 10% off.” Another great promotion is giving repeat customers a discount to pay up front for their next service or for buying services in bulk – “buy 3 manicures, get 1 free.”

3.      Ask them to follow you on social media. This is another way to build a relationship and when you post content and engage online, it keeps you in front of the customer the next time they need a service.

4.      Focus on their experience. For many customers, a visit to the salon is “me time.” So make it relaxing and enjoyable. Offer them a beverage or a snack; read their cues for how little or how much conversation they’d like and be on time. If they have a good experience in your suite, they’re much more likely to return.

5.      Be proactive. Consider getting new clients to fill out an info. card so you’ll have important details like home address, email and birth date. Send them a birthday e-card, a holiday card and tag them on social when you see a new hair cut or color you think they’d like.

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