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5 Tips to Turn Social Media Followers into Clients

Social media can be fun, but if you’re spending a lot of time and money on social media marketing – you need it to be successful. Is it helping you keep your current customers and attract new ones? Read on for tips to turn followers into clients:

1. Create email opt-ins for exclusive offers. One of the most valuable things you can have is an email list full of people who are interested in your services. Use your social media to entice fans to sign up for your email list by creating a valuable offer they can only get via e-mail. For instance, create an Instagram post that offers a free make-up trial or an in-person color consultation and includes a link to enter their email to receive the offer. They get a small free service and you get their email address for future marketing efforts.

2. Use deep links. One of the goals for your social media should be to drive followers to your appointment booking site. You don’t want to drive to the home page of a web site. If customers have to look around, they’re more likely to bounce or get distracted and forget why they clicked your link in the first place. Link directly to the final page where they can purchase, sign-up or enter their personal information.

3. Offer useful content. Your social media content should be helpful and valuable to your clients. Identify your unique value and competitive advantage – what makes you special? Why do your services stand out? Then create images, copy and video that speak directly to what you have to offer. Solve your customers’ problems and make their lives easier with tips and how-tos. A good rule of thumb is that 80% of your social media content should be entertaining, useful, helpful and only 20% should be promotional about your business. Once you engage your followers online, they’re much more likely to become real-life clients.

4. Encourage and share reviews. Most people choose stylists from personal recommendations – word of mouth. Social media is a great way to amplify word of mouth. Ask clients to post their experiences and results with your Suite business and tag you. Consider offering a discount or add-on service for clients who review your business. Don’t ask explicitly for positive reviews, but say “Share your experience on my Facebook page and get 10% off your next service.” If you get a positive review online, share it across your social channels.

5. Advertise your social. Create signage for your suite that features the channels you’re on and your usernames. Ask clients to follow you and also make sure you follow them back so you can comment on their posts and share those salon selfies on your pages.

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