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3 Keys To Managing Social Media Ads For Your Salon Suite

Now that you have the steps to creating ads on Facebook and Instagram and ideas and best practices for creating content and images that capture attention and customers, the final step in social advertising is monitoring and managing your advertising to make sure your ads are a smart spend for your marketing budget. There are three keys to managing social ads: testing, engaging, and knowing the numbers.


Tests are a great way to learn what works and what doesn’t for social advertising specific to your business. Facebook even has an option for this called the Split Test, that allows you to set up multiple ads that test different variables and the test will automatically stop and tell you the performance. You can test different target audiences, different content and different ad formats to see what works best. Keep it simple and test only two variables at a time. For example, the ads are exactly the same but the audiences are slightly different. Or the ads are exactly the same but one uses the call to action button “Learn More” and one uses “Sign Up.”

If you don’t want to use the split test, you can still test ads on your own by putting them in the same Ad Set and comparing the results over time. Turn off the low performer after a few days.


When you’re running ads, customer leads, comments and questions may come in all over the place – on your Facebook posts, through DMs on Instagram or Facebook or directly on the ads themselves. Be sure you’re liking and responding to every comment. This boosts your ad’s performance and fosters relationships with potential customers. To see your live ad, go into Ads Manager, click on Ads, check the ad in the box to the left and then click “Preview.” When the preview opens, you will see a square with a small arrow coming out of it that will allow you to see the ad live on Facebook or Instagram so you can monitor and engage with comments and questions.

Know the Numbers

In Facebook Ads Manager, the important analytics for both your Facebook and Instagram ads will be laid out in spreadsheet format. Here are the numbers to pay attention to:

Results: This one speaks for itself. Whatever your goal is – leads, clicks, messages – the number of results will be here.

Cost Per Result: This represents how much of your budget was spent for each result. So if you spent $20 and had 4 people click “Sign Up” to book an appointment, the cost per result would be $5. The lower this number, the better.

Relevance: This number is on a scale of 1-10 and tells you how relevant your target audience finds your content. You want to have 3, 4 or above. The higher the better. This is a good number to check to tell you if your content is good.

Reach: The number of people who saw your ad. This is different from impressions which is the number of times your ad was on screen and includes multiple views of your ads by the same people.

While these numbers can help guide your social media advertising, ultimately, the best way to gauge success is to stay on top of how your customers found you. Make it a habit to ask new clients how they heard about you and keep notes. While repeat customers are in your chair, take the time to ask them if they’ve seen your ads and what they think of them. Then you’ll know for sure if your ad investment is paying off.

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