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At A Suite Salon our mission is to offer Beauty Professionals an opportunity for financial independence, artistic growth, individual and professional freedom by providing fully equipped, contemporary salon Suites in a luxurious Salon.  

Eye Cream: What’s your Beauty Eye-Q?

It’s true what they say that your eyes are the windows to your soul, but the skin around your eyes are also a window to your overall skin health. The skin around the eyes is the most vulnerable to damage and aging, and a common reason that people choose to come to see me for help.

The first thing that you should do is always wear sunglasses to protect yourself from UV Damage and wrinkling due to squinting. Secondly, make sure you are applying an eye cream twice daily. I recommend you always look for eye cream formulas containing your vitamins C and E, which are antioxidants that also protect from collagen breakdown. Beyond the basics, everyone has their burdens to bear when it comes to treating the skin around their eyes, and your choice of eye creams should reflect your unique set of circumstances. I have compiled a list of common eye care concerns and some of my favorite ingredients to help remedy them.

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5 Reasons It Is Time For Your Own Salon!

It is the New Year, you’re trying to decide if you should stay at your current salon in a booth rental or on commission, or should you venture out on your own in a suite concept. If you find yourself thinking a change may be good for your career but are not sure what to do next or you hesitate for fear of making a bad decision, A Suite Salon has put together a quick introduction to five reasons the suite concept is a great option.

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